How the “4Cs” Can Help Improve the Way Organizations Travel

“This sucks! I can’t get a hold of the airline, the stupid hotel clerk booked the wrong nights for the executives, and it’s costing almost half of the company’s budget! I’ve just about had enough of this!!!” This is something that might be said if someone either you, or one of your co-workers were managing all of the traveling logistics for your organization. Let’s just say that traveling is much harder than it is. Yeah there’s a lot of planning that goes into it, but then you have to deal with booking the right airlines, making sure that everyone can get to the airport on time, hope that no delays or cancellations come up, and making sure that you don’t go over your organization’s budget. It’s actually what we do for our clients. We handle all of their traveling needs, while they can continue to work on other assignments that they have to do for their organizations and not have to worry about making the travel arrangements themselves. In fact, our travel consultants are the ones who get bombarded with making the reservations and booking low fare rates for our clients. Wait! Did I just say that our travel consultants try to find low fares for our clients? I think I just did! Actually, our travel consultants do try to find low fares for flights, hotel, and car rental. This is part of the “4Cs” process that we use to help our clients meet their travel needs. 

At EWA, we have developed a reservation process known as the “4 Cs” which is our way of creating a great strategy for organizations to receive customized travel services that are tailored to their need, as well as an easier way to communicate to the travelers by providing them with viable options to make good itinerary decisions based on the flexibility of choice, convenience, comfort, and cost. What makes the “4Cs” so unique is how it allows our corporate clients to take control on how they want to travel, as well as providing them with cost-effective outcomes for their budgets. 


Everybody should have the option on how they want to travel. When our travel consultants are going through the reservation process for our clients, they want to hear from them on what airline they preferred to fly on, what hotel they want to stay at, and what car rental they prefer to go with. It’s also important that each organization has the right to choose which flyer programs can would work best for them as well. Choice matters when organizations travel, and everyone should feel comfortable with the choices that they make when they go on their trips.

Choice leads to comfort and nobody should fly statically when they travel. We feel that each of our clients should at least feel comfortable with how they want to travel. By providing upgrade possibilities, best seating, and best in-flight services EWA can make traveling for organizations go from static to relaxation. Everybody should feel relaxed when they travel, especially for those that go on international trips. With comfort, employees can enjoy traveling with ease and feel good about the services that the airline is providing for them. We strive to make sure that our clients are getting the best comfort out of their traveling experience.

Time is very important for all of us. In fact, according to one of my economic professors that I had in college it’s also a scarce resource. We see that from our clients and all of our travel consultants always makes sure to work around their busy schedules when they’re booking flights for them. What we mean by providing our travelers with convenience is the fact that we’re booking non-stop flights, booking the closest airport to the office or home, and allowing travelers to choose a preferred arrival and departure time. Sticking to schedules are very important for all corporate travelers, and it’s our duty to make sure that our travelers get to their destinations on time.

Traveling can be very expensive especially when it comes to flying. No organization wants to spend a great amount of their budget on flying. With the highly advance technology that we use in the travel industry, we try to find the best low fares for our clients. We make sure that there are no-frills, all flights are connected, and our clients can receive promotional discounts from the airlines that they’re flying on. It’s one of the ways we make sure that each of our clients’ travel needs are cost-effective. 

The “4Cs” overall provide an effective method to meet all different types of travel needs for any organization. Without the “4Cs”, there’s no way organizations can get the best outcome with their travel needs and we encourage all of our clients to take advantage of this. So what do you think? Can the “4Cs” help improve the way your organization travels?

Paul Kacoyanis
Director, Social Media Marketing, EWA Travel

Katlyn Pierre