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Since 1976, EWA Travel, Inc. has one sole mission – to deliver cost-effective, personalized, and high quality travel services to NGOs, nonprofits, and other associations.


Personalized Travel

At EWA Travel, we make customization the rule, rather than the exception to crafting itineraries. We strive to offer only the most personalized travel services to each client we come in contact with. We understand that no two people are the same, especially when it comes to travel. That’s why we offer a customized choice of options that will allow us to not only meet the traveler’s needs, but the needs of your organization.


Security and Safety

EWA works with a variety of security and safety organizations to ensure you’re travelers are safe from the moment they leave. Being that EWA works primarily with organizations going to remote areas, we are experienced in offering emergency evacuation efforts, traveler tracking and everything in between.

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Group Travel

Whether you need a flight get 40 to your organization’s office in NYC or you’re planning an event with 1000 students in Mozambique, we’ve got your covered. With a combination of close relationships with travel vendors, a state of the art reservation system, and staff of highly qualified travel counselors, we’re able to help your organization craft cost-effective itineraries for your travelers.


Leisure Travel

Though we have a focus on INGO and nonprofit travel, we also operate a full-service leisure department. Whether you want to explore the streets of Tokyo or hang out with your favorite Disney characters at Disney World, we can help you plan your dream vacation. In case you want to add some leisure to your business trip, we can help you with that as well.


Where We’re Accredited 


Travel Services

EWA Travel is a full-service travel agency, with a focus on INGO and nonprofit travel. We offer a variety of travel solutions that will assist your organization in achieving it’s mission around the globe.

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Daily Alerts

It’s important for frequent business travelers to stay abreast of the latest in travel news. For that reason, we offer a feed of daily alerts for you to read through. Find the latest news in travel on our Daily Alerts page.

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