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Personalized Travel


Making Customization a Rule, not an exception

We understand that everyone has different travel needs and requirements. No one should be forced to participate in a "one-for-all" program. EWA Travel is the industry leader in providing the best high quality travel services to each of its clients. The key to exceptional travel services to our clients is through listening to a client's needs and developing a close relationship to solve these needs in an efficient and cost effective manner. Customization is the rule rather than the exception. How does it work? It's based on the organization's needs, requirements and corporate travel policy!

  • We first identify your organization's travel needs & learn more about its corporate culture (which does include its corporate travel policy)

  • We then work together on developing an optimum corporate travel plan to help meet those needs

  • We make sure that your organization receives the exact level & variety of travel services as well as benefits that are required from them

  • Upon receipt of your specific travel polices, we verify that each reservation has been made in accordance with your travel guidelines

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We strive to always deliver a very personal, rapid and accurate response to all individual travelers' requests. EWA provides a customized choice of options in the reservation process, combining both corporate travel policies and individual travel preferences. We refer to this approach as the "4C's".

The "4C's" is a unique process in developing an itinerary for an individual traveler. This process also helps EWA travel counselors to communicate with the traveler by providing him/her with viable options on the stated degree of the flexibility in the areas of Cost, Convenience, Comfort, and Choice.