EWA Travel

Security Efforts


Our Duty to keep you safe

EWA Travel provides travel and risk managers with the information necessary to actively track and review travel activity via iBank. Using both reservations and back office data, EWA can assist in monitoring where travelers are at any time, anywhere.  Features of some reports and services include the ability to:

  • Quickly search for travelers by name, destination city and country, flight numbers or travel date

  • Review all scheduled trips on a weekly basis (On the road report)

  • Send reports with a quick link to specific itineraries

  • Review policy alignment contracts


Real-time 24/7 access is available to corporate travel managers in the crisis management area of online travel data. This section includes standard pre-defined reports, which can be further detailed, using report filters. Services include the traveler search module. Data delivery is available online, offline, and/or via scheduled broadcast. Delivery format capabilities include PDF, Excel, and XML.

EWA has several corporate accounts that contract with medical and travel security service organizations. We partner with these organizations and others to transmit trip data for a specific corporate account from the GDS to their database. Data is used to produce reports ranging from pre-trip preparation to emergency response services.