EWA Travel, Inc.

More Than A
Travel Management Company


“With over 100 programs in 40 countries on 3 continents, travel is an incredibly important part of Jhpiego’s work. EWA’s flexibility, professionalism and attention to detail takes the stress out of travel and allows us to focus on what matters most—the women and families we serve.”

Dr. Leslie Mancuso
President & CEO, Jhpiego


Since founding, we’ve made it a mission to assist international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) that are improving the quality of lives in developing nations. Our client portfolio heavily consists of INGOs in the areas of economics, health, education, politics, food, security, and relief/development.

EWA Travel has been devoted to helping NGOs, non-for-profits, businesses and other associations carry out their travel needs since 1976. We ensure that all arrangements comply with the Fly America Act, the Federal and Joint Travel Regulations, prime and sub-contractor obligations, and other unique accounting requirements/documentations.

EWA has also established strong relationships with most airlines to provide our clients with rates they won’t find anywhere else. These relationships work on both a routine basis as well as in times of special needs. We value each client and promise that no short-cuts will ever be taken.

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Our journey began when Bob Utne, founder of EWA Travel, served as a volunteer in the US Peace Corps. Bob helped build 40 primary schools and hundreds of houses for teachers in Gabon. There, Bob met Dr. Albert Schweitzer, a Nobel Peace Prize winner whose daily examples of Reverence for Life and humanitarianism helped to inspire Bob to establish EWA Travel back in 1976.  EWA’s focus continues to be on meeting the travel-related needs of the international development, relief, and medical communities.

After the Peace Corps, Bob worked six years in the Executive Office of the President first as a Management Intern then as a Planning Officer where he gained substantial management and public service experience. He later joined Air France in their marketing department prior to starting EWA.

From the beginning of EWA and to today, Bob has focused on bringing in the most talented and highly experienced team of travel professionals in the nation to service the international NGO and business communities.


What We Say No To

As our creed states, “Service is delivering what we promise, and quality is doing it right the first time.” We are devoted to offering only high quality travel management services and that means saying no to three things.

No Unqualified Staff

EWA Travel has extremely talented, skilled and highly qualified travel counselors, with an average over 28.7 years’ experience within the industry. 

No Remote Call Centers

Every phone call is answered by a live EWA travel counselor. Travel counselors work with you directly to arrange and meet your travel needs on a 24/7/365 basis.

No Impersonal Conversations

Each EWA travel counselor works closely with you to help you fully carry out your trip, as well as well as assisting you in the event of an emergency. Our managers are even hands on travel counselors that work with you to assure 100% satisfaction on each reservation made. Managers review every reservation to assure lowest prices, correct routings and best quality consistent with each traveler’s needs.


“EWA’s prompt and efficient customer service makes life easier.  Whether day or night, the owner and team members are 24-7 – live and never automated.  Good old, satisfactory customer/client relationships haven’t died.”

Blanchie Kelley
Chief of Staff, American Institues for Research