Bob Utne

Chief Executive Officer

Robert “Bob” Utne is the founder of EWA Travel. Bob worked six years in the Executive Office of the President first as a Management Intern then as a Planning Officer where he gained substantial management and public service experience. He later joined Air France in their marketing department prior to starting EWA. Bob has assembled and helped to train what is widely considered are the most experienced and talented travel professionals in the industry. He believes that to best serve the clients of EWA that no stone goes unturned. No remote call centers, no impersonal and unqualified staff or other short cuts. Each of Bob's hand picked staff and managers is a highly dedicated and seasoned professional whom delights in working with our clients to help them better perform their own responsibilities. Delivering the finest of technology and auxiliary services are also hallmarks of Bob's efforts at EWA.

Tom Ollinger


Thomas “Tom” Ollinger has been with EWA Travel for the past four decades. Tom’s knowledge of travel regulations, such as the Fly America Act and Open Skies Amendment is unparalleled. Tom’s philosophy of flat line management enables him to maintain intimate contact with staff, stay close to the ‘heartbeat’ of clients’ needs, and keep abreast of the ever changing travel industry at the grass roots level. As a result, EWA has one of the highest staff retention rates and one of the best client retention rates.

Chris Van Dyke

Vice President

Christine “Chris” Van Dyke is the Vice President of EWA Travel. Chris has nearly 30 years experience within the industry and has a keen understanding of travel to and from Africa. Singularly dedicated to non-governmental organizations and corporate travel with sub-specialty in international and domestic conference group travel.

Molly Chakraborti

Vice President of Accounting

Molly Chakraborti is our Treasurer and Chief Accountant. She has been with EWA for the past 30+ years and offers experience in the following areas: accounts receivable, payable, processing invoices, payroll and General ledger and taxes and Client’s handling and year end closing.

MArika Delgado

Regional Vice President

Marika Delgado is one of our Regional Vice Presidents. She acts as a corporate travel agent for domestic and international companies, managing all aspects of travel for various relief agencies and for international health organizations. Prior to joining EWA Travel in 2000, Marika worked as a manager at Omega World Travel where she arranged travel for several Federal government agencies. She was also an in-house agent for the law firm of Collier Shannon, Rill and Scott, and was part owner of a travel agency in the Van Ness neighborhood for close to nine years.

Tony Ghodsi

Regional Vice President

Tony Ghodsi is our Regional Vice President and has been with EWA Travel for nearly 25 years. Tony worked as an engineer for Atlantic Solar for one year and, then, started his own courier company in Alexandria. He sold the business after three years to begin a travel career with Pan Am at Dulles Airport. After four years, when Pan Am ceased operations, Tony was transferred to Delta. Tony was then recruited to work at Thomas Cooke Travel/World Bank in Washington as a quality control/travel counselor.

Katlyn Pierre

Director, Social Media & Marketing

Katlyn Pierre is a young public relations professional with two passions—writing and travel. She is a recent Virginia Commonwealth University graduate (2013-2016, B.A. Public Relations), with a background in social media management and writing. Her ever-growing fascination with travel led her to enter the business and become the Social Media Manager for EWA.


Ken Rivkin

Senior International Travel Counselor

We are saddened to report that our former Senior International Travel Counselor, Ken Rivkin, has passed away. On Saturday May 25, Ken lost his battle with cancer. He was an integral part of the EWA team for nearly 15 years, was highly regarded for his dedication and persistence, and will truly be missed. EWA Travel honors Ken and remembers all he has contributed to our organization and the clients he serviced.