What We Really Get Out of Traveling and How it Impacts Our Lives

We all love to go on a couple of vacations each year. We all have that moment where we just want to get away from our homes and go to a place where we can take a break from our daily routines, as we just sit back and relax while we enjoy those next few weeks of no work. However, there are some of us who do more than just go on a trip to the Caribbean Islands or the Outer Banks. Some of us travel for other reasons such as a business meeting or to help people who are in need. Sometimes when we travel to new places, we get a different kind of feeling that we normally don’t get when we’re going about in our daily lives. So are we really traveling just to get away from our daily lives, or are we traveling to explore new places in the world that we’re curious to learn more about? When we travel, we’re not just getting away from our homes just enjoy our-selves but instead we’re learning new things about the world in a whole new way. 

When we travel to new places, we start to become explorers as we discover new things about a particular area. It seems that no matter where we travel to whether it’s New York City or Spain, we all become expose to the environment and the culture in that area. It’s personally one of the reasons why I love to travel. I enjoy seeing historical sites, exploring new places, and living the culture of the state or country that I’m visiting. For others, it might be to make a business deal with a company in England or saving people’s lives in Ethiopia from malaria. But even we when go on a business or a mission trip, we still learn something new about the world. Also, no matter what we travel for we sometimes can learn something new about ourselves as well.

Traveling can sometimes change people’s lives. This can certainly happen to a lot of people when they go to developing nations. It happened to our CEO/Founder of EWA Travel. After our CEO/Founder of our company, Robert Utne, graduated from college he decided not to enter the work force right away, but instead he went onto serve in the United States Peace Corps. He was assigned to the African country of Gabon, where he build schools and homes for teachers. While he was in Gabon, he met Dr. Albert Schweitzer who was a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work in humanitarianism. What our CEO/Founder learned from Dr. Schweitzer was the importance of life and humanitarianism. Because our Founder was so inspired by Dr. Schweitzer’s philosophy about humanitarianism and how he could continue to do something wonderful that can still make an impact on people’s lives around the world, Robert established EWA Travel to not only help his NGO clients with their traveling needs but also to give them the chance to save people’s lives in developing countries, as well as to give them the chance to make a difference in the world. If our Founder hadn’t served in the U.S Peace Corps, our company might had not ever come to existences. Our Founder learned so much while serving in the U.S Peace Corps. His experience in the U.S Peace Corps is one of the reasons why we love to help our clients get to where they need to be especially for those who travel to developing countries. The spirit of Dr. Schweitzer is always present within our company. It’s what our Founder brought back with him from Gabon. Knowing what it was like to make an impact in the world, he wanted to give that same opportunity for his clients. 

We never know what type of experience we're going to have when we travel. We might see the world in a different way that we never saw before. Whenever I get ready to go on a trip I always get nervous before taking off. I know that I’m going to have a good time, but at the same time I don’t know what my experience is going to be like. I have travel to places where I have been able to conquer my fears, try new things, and even learn new things that I didn’t even know before I got there. What we really get out of traveling isn’t just the enjoyment of getting away from our homes nor learning new things about the world, but it can also be discovering how we fit into the world. We sometimes discover new things about ourselves that we probably didn’t know until we went on our trip. Depending on where you travel to, you’ll end up learning more about to your-self the next time you're on your trip.

Paul Kacoyanis
Director, Social Media Marketing, EWA Travel

Katlyn Pierre