The Power of Travel Apps! How You Can Travel With Ease By Just Using Your Mobile Device!

Isn’t it obvious!? We now live in a world where we can receive information at the palm of our hands no matter where we are! As we’ve seen in the last few years, smartphones and tablets are the tools that everybody needs to have now. These mobile devices are so convenient for us to use, especially when we want to receive information right away and it’s all thanks to Steve Jobs, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin. Without talented and innovative people like these guys, we’d all still be stuck in the industrial age and not in this wonderful informational age.

With the rapid change in technology we’ve seen in the last few years, the travel industry has taken advantage of this change. One example that I learned from my colleagues is how they used to issue tickets and itineraries. Our Vice President and Manager of the Eastern Regional office at EWA Travel, Chris Van Dyke, told me that she used to put tickets and itineraries together by hand back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Now Chris and our other travel counselors at EWA do everything on the computer almost 99.9 percent of the time. The growth in technology just hasn’t change the way our travel counselors create itineraries and issue tickets, it has also helped improve the way customers travel. All mobile devices come with either a Google Play or an App store, in which mobile users can either purchase or sometimes get for free these application programs such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, The Weather Channel, Angry Birds, and so much more. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are apps that can help reduce your stress level to zero the next time you travel. Did I mentioned that these travel apps are free!?!? I’m going to go over with you some of the best travel apps that you should be using the next time you plan your trip.


TripCase is an app that we recommend for all of our clients to use when they travel. TripCase is a consumer application that allows travelers to manage their trips from any book source and retrieve global travel documents instantly. What is so nice about TripCase is that it’s available in 21 plus languages including English, and TripCase is used by travelers in over 100 countries. The TripCase app offers really nice features and options for travelers to use:

  • Travelers can receive free flight alerts such as delays and cancellations.

  • Travelers can get an Uber ride to and from the airport or hotel.

  • You can add places that you want to remember with just one click.

  • You can share your itinerary with anyone.

  • And travelers can access seat maps, alternative flight schedules, and the weather conditions instantly.

This is a very useful app for you to use the next time you travel. You can learn more on how this app works by viewing the YouTube video seen below.



So you just booked your trip and now you need to figure out what clothes you need to take. You also need to figure out how heavy or light you need to pack. The PackPoint app solves this problem. This app is good to use when you’re planning on what clothes you need to pack for your trip. The PackPoint app also tells you what you need to pack based on how long your trip is, what the weather conditions are going to be when you travel, if you’re traveling for business or leisure, what you should take if you plan on traveling internationally, and what type of clothing you should pack based on the activities you plan on doing for your trip. If you’re someone who has trouble packing then this is a great app for you to use.

You can learn more on how this app works by viewing the YouTube video seen below.  


Free Wi-Fi Finder:

Would you like to know where you can find free Wi-Fi when you travel? Well, there’s an app that can show you where you can receive free Wi-Fi within any geographic area. This is a great app for you to use whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally. In fact, this app can help you find Wi-Fi in more than 145,000 locations. What’s also nice about this app is that you can book market your locations where you previously found free Wi-Fi, and can filter by location to find free Wi-Fi (i.e. a hotel, a restaurant, or a coffee shop). So the next time you travel and you want to find a place where you can get free Wi-Fi, make sure that you download this app.

You can learn more on how this app works by viewing the YouTube video seen below.


Google Translate:

It can be hard to understand or interpret a different language that you are not fluent in when you travel internationally. The Google Translate app can help you out whether you’re reading a menu at a French restaurant in Pairs, or when you’re asking someone in Madrid for directions. The Google Translate app has a lot of great features for you to use when you go overseas:

  • You can translate 90 different languages.

  • You can use your camera on your phone to translate text (i.e. a restaurant menu).

  • You can use the automatic speech translation feature if you need help getting around.

  • Best of all, you can save any past translations for future references.

So the next time you plan a trip to either Japan, Germany, Spain, or Poland make sure you download the Google Translate app on your mobile device and enjoy your trip with ease.

You can learn more on how this app works by viewing the YouTube video seen below.


 These apps that I just went over with you will make your next trip a stress free and fun adventure! If you’re interested in knowing more about other travel apps that I didn’t cover, you can go to the App or Google Play stores to find out which travel apps might work best for you.


Paul Kacoyanis
Director, Social Media Marketing, EWA Travel

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