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Daily Alerts


Be sure to visit this page to get the latest news on events around the globe that may affect your travels. International SOS provides us with a news feed that regularly refreshes itself as the news breaks. International SOS is an industry leader in providing travel security solutions to organizations, who have employees around the world.


Additional Links

International SOS also provides travelers with a wealth of information to allow them to stay abreast of events impacting travel. Travelers and travel managers are welcome to utilize the following links to assist them in preparing for trips.

Risk Assessment e-Tool:

Allows you to asses the risk for your company's travelers, based on information gathered from a 5-minute survey.

Interactive Risk Map:

Provides an overview of the medical, road safety and security risks associated with individual countries. You can add up to a max of 5 countries to a single search.

Video Library:

An index of past informational videos, centered on providing knowledge on how to mitigate risks for travelers.