Value-Added Benefits of TMCs

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From time to time, we will hear comments, questioning the necessity of travel agencies in this modern age of technology. With online platforms, such as airline websites, Expedia, and Travelocity, the use of TMCs and agents seems like a stone-age concept. However, in the world of business travel, the use of TMCs is more common and, in many cases, necessary.

A designated travel management company (TMC) offers a multitude of value-added benefits compared to regular online platforms. Especially within the NGO community who have extensive international travel, EWA Travel and similar TMCs have cultivated programs, personnel and technology tools over the years to successfully service this niche market. 

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In a recent Q + A with Humentum, President and COO, Tom Ollinger, explained, “EWA travel counselors average more than 25 years of experience in Fly America-compliant travel arrangements.  Our preferred relationships with international airlines provide us an array of benefits to extend to clients, including prioritizing waitlists, matching fares, unblocking seats, manual fare construction with code share carriers not accessible in a standard online booking, establishing airline "soft dollar" corporate programs, frequent flier status elevation, and so on.”

Agencies also understand the importance of independence when it comes to making arrangements for travelers. TMCs can also provide a customized online booking platform combined with agent assisted bookings for accounts that want automation for simple bookings and professional travel counselor expertise for more complex travel.  Some TMCs, like ours, provide complimentary travel insurance for each ticketed trip.

Also, through our technology, we can monitor travel to and within high risk destinations and respond to travel emergencies.  Our back-office automation helps us to assist you in credit card reconciliation, create arrival and departure manifests, analyze travel spend to monitor compliance and pinpoint opportunities for improving the bottom line.