Group travel can be simple

Group travel can be tricky at times, but EWA Travel agents are highly skilled when it comes to group travel from smaller groups of 10-25 to larger groups in the hundreds and even thousands. For that reason, we're offering some tips on how to make your group trips go seamlessly.

Group Travel.png
  1. Advanced planning is the key to success with every trip. Much like with individual trips, we highly advise you to plan far ahead. This way, we'll have a better chance of negotiating better rates with the airlines.

  2. Spreadsheets are ideal – just have the right information. When working through spreadsheets with an EWA Travel agent, it's important that you ensure all information is correct before sending. This means make sure names are correctly spelled, dates are correct, gender, DOB, and all other pertinent information are clearly labeled.

  3. Agents can negotiate for your organization. Typically, groups of 10 or more with the same itinerary MUST go through a group desk. From there, agents will begin to negotiate with the applicable dedicated airline group desks. 

  4. Be sure to stay organized through the trip. As with individual travel, it's important for you and your travelers to stay organized throughout the entirety of your trip. We encourage all travelers to download the trip management app, TripCase, to their phone to keep all components of their trip stored in one place.

  5. Be sure everyone has the proper visas. While group travel can be stressful, having a traveler being denied entry into their place of travel can be chaotic. Prior to their trip, make sure all travelers are set with the proper visas. EWA partners with PVS International for just that.

  6. Get your travelers vaccinated. You don't want to test your luck when it comes to the health of you or your travelers. Visit the IATA Center to get a better grasp of what vaccinations are required for various areas around the world.