Our favorite travel apps 2018

Let’s face it, our phones are our lives. We use it just about anywhere and for everything. This being that it has brought us apps that can assist us with our daily lives, including travel.

There are a plethora of travel apps on the market currently. If you searched for travel apps in your app store, the results are seemingly endless. With the market flooded with millions of apps focused on travel, it can be difficult to determine if any are worth the download. Fortunately for you, we picked out a couple of our favorites that you may want to use for your next business trip.

Manage and organize your trip in just one app. From flights to meetings and restaurant reservations, TripCase allows you to plan your trip in a single location. Luckily for EWA Travel clients, we automatically load your trips into the apps for you to manage. It’s accessible on the web or through the TripCase app.

This app was developed by Lufthansa to allow users to automatically check in to for their flights. Users are also able to enter in personal information, including seating preferences, frequent flyer programs or travel partners. While being able to check in for any airline, it can also be incorporated into corporate travel management systems.


Mobile Passport
Interested in speeding through U.S. Customs? Then you’re going to need this app. Mobile Passport, authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, gives you the opportunity to expedite your entry process into the U.S. It’s free to use and does not require pre-approval. You’ll be able to go through a designated “Mobile Passport Control” line that is oftentimes quicker than regular customs.

In case you need inspiration for what to do during your downtime, TimeOut is the app to use. According to God Save the Points, it is “one of the top resources for finding the best coffee, fine dining, cheap eats or best bars in almost any city in the world.”

For those that are interested in monitoring the status of their flights, FlightRadar24 is the leading tracker. The app allows users to watch aircraft move around the world in real-time to get the most up-to-date reports. Perfect for the everyday business traveler.

Katlyn Pierre