Ask an Agent: How can I foster a good relationship with my agent?

So, you’ve just made a contract with a travel management company. You have assigned travel counselors, but you’re not positive how exactly to interact with them. Some questions that you have included what’s the best mode of communication or what you should even say when you’re communicating with your agent.

We decided to ask our Senior Vice President of the Western Region, Marika Delgado, on the best way to foster a good relationship with your agent.


“The best way to communicate is via email.  That way we have all the information in a written format so that we can get names and all other information correct and have a paper trail.  When you send in a request please advise where you are traveling from and to, and what company you are traveling for, that way we can get your reservation done as efficiently and accurately as possible and it is very important to review the reservation and let us know if everything is correct.  Whenever possible, use dates instead of departing Wednesday and coming back Friday.  The more information we have, the quicker and more efficient the reservation will be.”

Katlyn Pierre