How your TMC works with your travel security company

For most organizations, their top priority is parallel to each other when it comes to their employees traveling for work. That top priority being traveler safety. It’s the reason why organizations craft lengthy travel policies and ensure they always know the location of their travelers. However, travel policies can go only so far.

With the world becoming increasingly connected, many understand the substantial need for organizations to take extra precautions to keep their employees safe. Hence – the birth of travel security organizations. Organizations like International SOS, On Call International and many others, were created specifically to assist organizations to strengthen their travel policies and keep employees safe.

While these agencies provide great support and resources, it’s important to note that they can work in unison with your Travel Management Company (TMC) to optimize your organization’s travel risk management strategy.

Advanced Planning
Travel security organizations have made it a mission to develop the best resources to mitigate travel risks for various organizations and individuals. With regular intelligence gathering, businesses have access to these resources to assist in the planning phase of travel management. As one can imagine, there are unique risks associated with various organizations around the globe. Your security organization will be able to work in collaboration with your Travel Management Company (TMC) to determine the best mode of action for your frequent destinations.

Train Employees
As you work closely with your TMC and travel security organization, meeting your Duty of Care obligations become more achievable. The best way for you to protect your travelers is to make them knowledgeable. With the correct resources, travel managers can clue travelers on risks associated with their trips.  From there, they can make informed decisions for when their itineraries are made from them and when they self-book. All this training will allow your travelers to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Track Your Travelers
In a non-invasive way, travel security organizations can assist in helping pinpoint your travelers at any given moment. During emergencies, knowing the location of your travelers can be crucial. TMCs oftentimes partner with travel security organizations to maximize security for organizations. Within the tracking systems, these security organizations will provide a direct mode of communication between your home office and your travelers. EWA Travel, for one, has a close relationship with International SOS and works in collaboration to mitigate risks for clients. International SOS works directly with EWA to export employee travel data into our systems. Reporting is then made simple for clients to access from one location.

Emergency Support
Emergencies can happen at any place or time. During these emergencies, your TMC will be working alongside your travel security organization to get your employees to safety. While having a wealth of information on mitigating risks, these organizations have resources to provide additional support to your clients during crises. Both organizations will partner with medical assistance organizations, should there be a need for it. As the travel security organization tracks employees, agents within TMCs will be able to craft creative solutions to ensure the safety of your employees.

Katlyn Pierre