Cruise in a Storm Sailing

Passengers aboard the Anthem of the Seas, third largest passenger ship in the world, experienced the effects of a terrific storm on a recent sailing with wind gusts in the 150 mph range whipping up waves that topped 30 feet.

Been there, done, that and survived in one piece. My wife and I, a few years ago, were aboard the Silversea Explorer in the middle of the Barents Sea, about 200 miles from Franz Josef Land when we experienced what the captain reported as the most challenging seas in his life. Our small passenger ship was literally swamped by waves in the 30-50 feet range during a storm that transpired through an entire night. Next morning, we awoke to bright sunny skies and resumed our exploration of the Russian Arctic. End of story.

Bottom line, cruising is both pleasurable and, at times, adventuresome. The professional officers and crews are well trained in emergency-like procedures in the most reputable cruise companies like Royal Caribbean and Silversea. Our advice, enjoy the offerings of this exciting world throughout the oceans and select the most professional cruise companies like Royal Caribbean and Silversea to assure high  quality and maximum safety.

Written By Bob Utne, Chairman of EWA Travel

Katlyn Pierre