Are expedited screening programs worth it?

In the past, we’ve discussed the benefits of different expedited screening programs, like CLEAR and TSA PreCheck, but we didn’t touch on if they are worth the investment. These programs can start from $50 and can go as high as nearly $200. With the average business traveler going on about 12 trips a year, it’s worth taking a step back for consideration.

For some more input, our Senior Travel Counselor, Andrew Williams, gave some insightful knowledge on if these programs are worth it.

“The thought of a quick, stress-free journey through airport security is not a thought one might have upon embarking on a trip to most major airports. I can assure you that with the current statistics of 92% of TSA Pre✔ members waiting less than 5 minutes as of April of 2018 will certainly spark your interest.”

“Upon traveling to Montana in late 2017, I was selected randomly to be in the TSA Pre✔ line. There was no line and the process was seamless and stress-free. With a total cost of $85.00 for a five-year membership, that is an annual cost of $17.00, and well worth not having to remove your jacket, shoes, laptop, belt etc. I highly recommend this TSA Pre✔ membership to any type of traveler, especially the business traveler. You should look forward to every experience you have during your travels and not disparage the one process that can be seamless with a TSA✔ check membership.”

Ultimately, the decision is up to the traveler, but if you ask EWA Travel, we’ll say it’s worth the investment.

Katlyn Pierre