5 Benefits of using a travel management company

Being that it is the year of the travel agent, it was only fitting that we discuss the benefits of the travel management company (TMC) industry as a whole.

Living in the digital age, it’s easy for organizations to be incredulous of the idea of utilizing a travel management company (TMC). The travel industry has seen an influx of apps and new services that make do-it-yourself booking and itinerary-making more desirable. With the industry saturated with these new technologies, TMCs seem like a thing of the past. So why are they still around?

Contrary to the popular belief, TMCs are adapting to this new digital-era smoothly. There are new technologies, exclusive to travel counselors that allow them to assist organizations in booking flights, hotels and everything in between. For example, many TMCs have access to (Global Distribution System) GDS, like Sabre Travel Network, which integrates web fares from more hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotels. With access to technologies, such as Sabre, TMCs are able to provide the most cost-effective fares for clients.

It’s apparent that in the coming years, organizations will see more outbound travel for their employees. Forbes has even reported that, “According to data from the Global Business Travel Association, annual business travel is expected to increase 25% between 2013 (the last year for which data is available) and 2018, from $273.7 billion to a whopping $341 billion.” With a steady increase in business travel, it’s clear that some businesses may need to rely on outside sources to manage their trips. That’s where TMCs come in.

With that being said, there are a plethora of benefits to bringing in a TMC to assist you with your travel needs.

  1. Save time
    TMCs specialize in booking travel and handling all your travel concerns. With a simple email or call, travel arrangers can plan a complete itinerary for their personnel. After requesting bookings, counselors can provide multiple options that appeal to traveler preferences, while complying with company policies. Travel managers can rest assured that their TMC is managing all aspects of their travel and focus on completing other tasks.

  2. Save money
    With relationships with some major hotels, airlines and car rentals, TMCs can oftentimes offer rates that your organization is unable find elsewhere. Travel agents and counselors are trained to find the most cost-effective options for clients and with using a GDS, can find the most competitive rates.

  3. Duty of care
    Safety of your travelers is of the upmost importance to your travel agent. As you know, emergency situations can arise at any time, and this includes when you or your travelers are on a trip. TMCs have the global security technology to stay abreast of the latest events that can disrupt your travels. While getting in contact with travelers to inform them of emergencies, you can also rely on your TMC to get you out of disastrous situations and back home or to safety when needed.

  4. Agents with years of experience
    TMCs are staffed with agents and counselors that have been in the industry for years. That means they have a keen understanding of the industry and the proper way to assist any client. For example, EWA agent experience within the industry averages over 20 years. This means that they are not only passionate about travel, but they know how to anticipate and meet a client’s needs because they’ve seen nearly everything.

  5. Documentation services
    Imagine this – you’ve booked nonrefundable travel arrangements and two weeks before their trip, you realize they need a visa for their layover. Not all agencies may do this, but partner with documentation services that assist clients in securing the proper papers that are required for international travel. EWA partners with PVS International, a documentation service, to facilitate and expedite passport applications (new passport or renewal) and utilize PVS for time-sensitive visa procurement.

Katlyn Pierre