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Air Fares Seating
What are the advantages of using EWA Travel to book air travel? How can EWA provide me with the lowest airfare? Do I automatically know where I am sitting when I make the reservation?
Can I receive boarding passes prior to my trip? Are low-fare airlines preferable to the major airlines? Why can't I always have an aisle seat?
What are consolidator fares? What if my fare goes down after my ticket is issued?
How much luggage can I bring on an international flight?
Are the savings worth the restrictions of nonrefundable fares? How do I qualify for a compassionate or bereavement fare? How do I deal with excess baggage and special equipment?
What about Internet fares? Are there special airfares for senior citizens? What should I know about lost luggage?
Security & Health/ Travel Insurance
Do I need a paper ticket and what if I lose my paper ticket? What if the airline changes my schedule?
When will I receive a refund? What if I use only part of my ticket?
How has The Americans with Disabilities Act opened up the world to the physically or mentally challenged? What travel insurance do I need?
What can I do with an unused refundable ticket? What if I need to change my itinerary after my ticket has been issued?
USAID Contractors
What if I arrive at the airport and the airline says I have no reservation? What if I am bumped from a flight? What is the recommended check list for overseas assignment travel?