EWA Travel

Humanitarian Travel


Let us Help You Save the World

From earthquakes to civil unrest, humanitarian disasters are taking place all around the globe every day. Allow us to work as an extension of your nonprofit or NGO to offer travel services to help your volunteers get to areas in need of help.

EWA is devoted to servicing the NGO and non-profit communities, being that we have roots in the space. While offering the same full-service travel management capabilities we provide to other organizations, we’re also able to assist in humanitarian travel.

For true humanitarian travel, we can offer special rates with travel vendors. These humanitarian fares, while being monetarily beneficial, also offer ancillary services that would be helpful during your trip. Eligible organizations could also take advantage of no baggage allowances, no last-minute increases, nor minimum or maximum stay. Your organization may be eligible for these special fares and to receive it, the point of contact would have to notify EWA if the trip should be classified as humanitarian travel.


Emergency Evacuation

At times, humanitarian travel can be extremely dangerous and even require emergency evacuations. Our travel staff is trained to offer immediate assistance for your travelers, so you can rest easy. EWA Travel counselors have offered emergency services on numerous occasions, including during the 2010 Haitian Earthquake. Get in touch with us to get a better understanding of how we can support your organization’s unique needs.