You Can Always Count on Us When You're In Trouble

     We take it to our full initiative to make sure that all of our travelers receive excellent support and care from us. When an EWA travel counselor is assigned to work with a client, they are always on call 24/7/365 to handle their emergency needs no matter where travelers are located in the world. Our 24/7 service is toll-free in the U.S. & in 65 countries. We also accept collect calls from countries that don’t have toll-free services. Our travel counselors always have immediate access to each traveler’s reservation and ticketing information, and can provide prompt assistance in making any changes needed for that traveler.


     EWA utilizes a number of tools and technology to keep abreast of events throughout the world that impact travel to quickly identify risks and alerts, as well as pinpoint a potentially affected traveler to provide prompt assistance. One of these tools that is the Sabre Traveler Security, which continuously gathers information from several sources that can impact travel. This product enables us to instantly pinpoint traveler’s locations and contact information in affected areas, as well as provides many features that helps us keep track of each client whether they are traveling aboard or domestically:


  • It monitors global events and crisis management such as weather conditions, airline strikes, political unrest, supplier work action, security concerns, etc.
  • Provides our travel counselors with a world map shading countries where you have travelers located with built in drill down features
  • It has the ability to pull email data from the reservation if a travel manager identifies a crisis in a particular country and wants to send a group email to all travelers currently in that country


        Our travel counselors use this product on a daily basis to identify travelers in “risk situations” and respond/contact accordingly. When a travel emergency does arise, the travelers are identified who faces potential risk, and EWA travel counselors are provided the records of travelers who need to be contacted to discuss options and make time sensitive itinerary changes. The organization's travel manager(s) is also notified to discuss and approve a plan of action.