Service Is Delivering What We Promise & Quality Is Doing It Right the First Time

       It is clear that most associations have special travel requirements that includes more than just employee travel, but also travel for its members, executives, and board of directors. We at EWA Travel have the essential experience as well as personnel to address and leverage all of these various types of travel to ensure cost and time savings, as well as quality control and management:


  • Itinerary and Pricing Proposals
  • Trip Authorization
  • Assignment Cost Centers
  • Government Per Diem Allotment
  • Full Visa and Other Documentation Services By In-House Personnel
  • 24/7 Reservations & Emergency Support
  • Personal Security & Risk Management
  • Airline Programs
  • Hotel Discounts
  • Negotiate Airlines
  • VIP Travel
  • Group Travel


       We are structured to provide you with the most experienced travel counselors within the industry. We work with organizations and focus on delivering a wide variety of customized travel services that are designed to help meet their travel needs. Our goal is to make certain that every client of ours receives the exact level and variety of travel services.