April 28, 2017

UNITED KINGDOM - BIRD FLU - The Avian Influenza Protection Zone in Northern Ireland will remain in place until May 31. Details

PHILIPPINES - PROTEST - Manila - UPDATE- Policemen armed with shields and truncheons blocked militants trying to hold a protest action outside the United States Embassy. Details

Kamloops, BC - LANDSLIDE - Kamloops, BC - The City of Kamloops has declared a state of emergency due to a possible landslide risk. Details

ST. LUCIA - PROTEST - Vieux Fort - A national protest march is planned against a proposed multibillion-dollar project, so-called Pearl of the Caribbean project. Details

THAILAND - WEATHER - A summer storms warning has been issued for the North, Northeast, East and Central Plain regions. Details

Los Angeles, CA - FLIGHT DELAY - Los Angeles, CA - Departure traffic destined to Los Angeles International Airport is currently experiencing delays averaging 2 hours and 8 minutes. Details

New York, NY - FLIGHT DELAY - New York, NY - Due to weather, traffic arriving La Guardia Airport in New York, LGA, is currently experiencing delays averaging 4 hour and 21 minutes. Details

New York, NY - FLIGHT DELAY - New York, NY - Due to weather, traffic arriving John F Kennedy International Airport, JFK is currently experiencing delays averaging 4 hour and 26 minutes. Details

AFGHANISTAN - SECURITY - Afghanistans Taliban have announced the start of th spring offensive, Operation Mansour, focused on military assaults on coalition and Afghan security forces. Details

PAKISTAN - POWER OUTAGE - Lahore - With gradual increase in temperature, the intensity of planned outages is going to increase for domestic and commercial consumers by up to 50pct. in coming days. Details

IRAQ - TERRORISM - Kirkuk - During an operation, Kurdish security forces captured 63 Islamic State militants in Kirkuk who had sneaked into the camps disguising as civilian IDPs. Details

INDIA - EXPLOSION - Hyderabad - A cylinder of oxygen gas exploded in a shop on Qazi Qayum Road in Hyderabad killing one man and injuring at least seven. Details

ISRAEL THE WEST BANK AND GAZA - COMBAT - Gaza Strip - An Israeli tank opened fire on a Hamas post in the Gaza Strip in response to shots fired at Israeli soldiers along the border. No immediate reports of injuries. Details

HAITI - POWER OUTAGE - The Electricity of Haiti announced scheduled power outage for Sunday, April 30, 2017, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in the several zones. Details

ETHIOPIA - SECURITY - After series of grenade explosions in the city of Gondar in recent weeks, travelers are advised to reconsider the need to travel to Ethiopia. US GOVT. Details





TSUNAMI WARNINGS & WATCHES - None at this time ; Details; Details; Details

TROPICAL STORMS, HURRICANES & CYCLONES -Dante - Philippines; Tropical Cyclone Frances - Australia; Details; Details

EARTHQUAKES - United States (Alaska); Details; Details