October 16, 2017

PHILIPPINES - WEATHER - A new tropical storm with the international name "Lan" is expected to enter the Philippine area of responsibility tonight after Typhoon Odette left the country. Details

VIETNAM - WEATHER - UPDATE- Tropical Storm Khanun is crossing the Leizhou Peninsula and is currently located around 300 kilometres to the east of Hanoi. Details

IRELAND - POWER OUTAGE - Thousands of homes are without power around the country as storm Ophelia makes landfall this morning. Details

IRELAND - FLIGHT DELAY - Cork - Cork Airport is reporting wind up to 47kt. A number of flights have already been cancelled. Contact your travel provider. Details

IRELAND - FLIGHT DELAY - Dublin - Up to 90 flights to and from Dublin Airport have been cancelled due to the expected impact of Hurricane Ophelia. Details

IRELAND - HURRICANE - UPDATE- People are being told to avoid traveling unless it is absolutely necessary. Bus Eireann has cancelled all services nationwide from 5am until 2pm. Details

SOUTH AFRICA - STRIKE - Mango airline flight crew will go on strike at 5am on October 16, after negotiations collapsed. Contact our travel provider. Details

VENEZUELA - ELECTION - UPDATE- The socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro won a landslide 17 out of 23 states in Venezuelas regional election. Details

New York - FLOODING - New York - Lakeshore flood warning in effect for parts of New York through to October 16. View link for affected areas. Details

Missouri - FLOODING - Missouri - Flood warnings in effect for parts of Missouri through to Oct 19. View link for affected areas. Details

Michigan - FLOODING - Michigan - Flood warnings in effect for parts of Michigan through to Oct 18. View link for affected areas. Details

Illinois - FLOODING - Illinois - Flood warnings in effect for parts of Illinois through to Oct 17. View link for affected areas. Details

San Joaquin, CA - HEALTH - San Joaquin, CA - The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District has issued an Air Quality Alert due to smoke impacts from wildfires Details

PORTUGAL - FIRE - 3 people killed,over 20 injured when wildfires hit central, northern Portugal. At present, 108 fires, some 30 of them considered of high importance still active Details

SPAIN - FIRE - Galicia - Wildfires threatening towns in 9 municipalities in Galicia as strong winds, dry weather hinder the efforts to battle the fire. 17 active fires reported. Details



EARTHQUAKES - None over 5.0 at this time; Details; Details

TROPICAL STORMS, HURRICANES & CYCLONES - Hurricane Ophelia - Atlantic, Azores, Galicia (Spain), Ireland, UK; Tropical Storm Khanun (Odette) - Northern Philippines, South China Sea, Hainan, Vietnam, Hong Kong;Tropical Storm Lan - China, Republic of Korea, Western North Pacific Ocean, South China Sea;Details; Details; Details;


EUROPE TRAVEL ALERT TERRORISM - Advised of continued threat of terrorist attacks throughout Europe. Extremists continue to focus on tourist locations, transportation hubs, markets/shopping malls, and local government facilities as viable targets. US GOVT Details

President Trump issued a new order banning indefinitely almost all travel to the United States from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea. Citizens of Iraq and some groups of people in Venezuela who seek to visit the United States will also face restrictions or heightened scrutiny. The new order will take effect Oct. 18.Details